Saturday, June 23, 2007

You goose you!

I finally found the goose. In Glasgow lagi tu. =)

Seeing Michelle for the first time since Feb 2006 was hmmm.. surreal. Granted, it hasnt been that long, but in a way she changed so much. But then again, so did I. I didnt know she was coming either until Wednesday. Because she and Sheena wasnt supposed to come until Sept since their EOS is in 2 weeks. Not that I wasnt happy to see her. We spent the whole noon talking, naturally. And I, being miss kepo, of course updated her abt CSS and how we've been since they left.

Yeah, and against my better judgement, I put our picture together up on my blog. I look horrible nowadays bah, yes, after The Hairstyling.

It's only been 2 weeks, but it sometimes feels like we've been here for awhile now, because of the long hours we spend in uni during weekdays. I sort of like our current modules, but at the same time, I am a little frustrated by the fact that we're pitching in 9 hours a week in the dispensary, practicing a legal/healthcare system that is totally different from what we are going to use when we return to Malaysia. Sometimes it makes me wonder, why on earth did I take such an alang2 degree where I have to return to Malaysia first to be a registered pharmacist? I would have been better off taking the fully local BPharm programme right, where the syllabus is tailored to Msian healthcare system. That or taking up that MPharm offer from Sunderland before. Sigh. In too deep to complain I suppose. Not that I'm really complaining. It's just that those bad days last week make me wanna rant and whine. But nothing that good food cant cure. Oh. I dont even want to go there. Haha. I dont think the toasts with butter and jam will be too good in the long run.

Anyway, Prof Peter Pook, IMU's Dean of School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (chewah.. I didnt know he has such a glamer title), i.e, our dean, came to see us in Glasgow on Thursday. He's in town for our seniors, the P104's punya convo. And do you know what happened? I was freaking tearing away at the sight of him. It's weird. Who would have thought anyone could be so happy to see the dean, least of all me lagi tu? Di and I both had tears in our eyes. He was asking us how are we settling in, and he was really concerned, and in many ways acting like how a father would treat his children. On that day, for the first time in 2 weeks, in this foreign land, I felt like I was being cared for. On that day too, for the first time I realised that I really miss our lecturers in IMU. Dr Ignacio, Mr Benny, Dr Achike, Dr Kang. They were lecturers, but they were also friends, and I miss that. I miss being looked out for. Here macam no one cares only.

Which is why we have a stronger sense of unity now, all 114 of us. People beginning to go out of their comfort zones and starting to get to know those that they rarely talk to before. It's weird now the company that I keep. I'm starting to mix with all the people that I never thought I would be hanging out with. Not that it's a bad thing of course. I have to stop being an introvert.


MicHieBuN said...

aHhHhh..itu hung tze dalam gambar itu!!!!..hehehhe...unfair eh get to meet michelle..does she still laff like no1s business?
talking bout CSS.....ahem...u rem to talk about me rite...U REM RITE??? hehehe...che ke che ke ;P

Vasan said...

you look pretty as usual la....the hair style is fiiiiiineeee

Miss you you goose you!!! Wished i was there with you and Mich....Awww... When will I be able to see you again? And how come you never reply my frenster msg wan???aiyooooooo