Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ever Older, Never Wiser

It's the end of the day, and I was just thinking to myself,

"Well, just because it's your birthday doesnt mean that it has to be a great day."

Happy 21st birthday to me. *Blows imaginary candle*

The more I thought of it, the more unhappy I became, until I realised, wait, actually there were a lot of good things too that happened today. Then I realised how easily I take things for granted, how ungrateful I can be. Sure, I found out I failed my class test today, and failure is of course always a sucky thing, but I realised it actually could have been a great day, if only I wasnt so affected by it.

The Good Stuff That Happened Today
- Dad said "Happy birthday, darling - my first born!"
- Mom said "I thank God always for you. I couldnt have asked for a more loving, generous, down to earth daughter" That was sweet. I teared a little.
- My sis ever the quirky one, said "You are now 21, boleh jadi mak orang!"
- Nik, on her card said, "On this occassion, hope you'll remember how much the world and the Lord loves you, because I know I love you so much! If anyone could bring rain away from Scotland, and some sunshine in, it would be you!" Naturally, I went aww.
- Crispin's gift for me arrived today. Perfect timing, dont u think? And I love it.
- Di, who normally loves to sleep in, woke up early today to make me English breakfast.
- Sue Li cooked me nasi goreng tom yam plus cashewnuts for lunch.
- Eunice cooked me dinner, grilled chicken with salad.
- Pris, Paul, Amy, Thai Yiung, Xan, Michie, Jer, Ed n Jem remembered.
- My close friends from home remembered.
- Some of my batchmates remembered.
- Heck, even my friends from college remembered.

The Bad Stuff That Happened Today
- I failed.

So you see, dear, I had more good things today, than the bad. Now to actually convince myself to snap out of the moodiness. Oh well, blame it on PMS. And really, it was only a mock test, so now I know what to expect, right?

My birthday is a bit quiet this year, but it doesnt matter. I am a bit of an introvert in my batch anyway. The people who matters remembered, and that's good enough. It's nice to know that I'm still loved, even when we're all scattered all over the globe. Thank you, you guys made my day.