Monday, July 23, 2007

Sebab saya suka gambar

2006 hours. FMT test will be in 14 hours time. We only found out on Wednesday last week, that the whole module will be examinable, instead of only the analytical chapters like stated in the original semester timetable. I suppose I could rant and whine and be depressed at the late notice, but I've been doing that for a few days last week, and it's actually quite tiring.

Loosen up, Daph. :)

Thank goodness, many things have kept me going.

1. Reading snippets from Saint Faustina's diary during breaks. If you're wondering why is the name so familiar, it's because my middle name is Faustina. Real tearjerker this book.

2. The thought of finally being able to read HP7 by the end of August. And the thought of my soon to be ordered books from Amazon.

3. Music. I miss my CD stack at home. I only brought my new Michael Buble and GMB cds. Thank goodness this came through mail that day. ;)

4. Oh, I find that my gummies and chocolates are comforting to look at. Most of them been there since beginning of the semester. In case I need endorphin/serotonin boost bah.

5. I like my wall. I tampal it with whatever interesting things I can get my hands on. Haha. I dont like clean walls. Colours keep me on the table longer.

6. See, I even have drug labels from my various sessions in the dispensary. In fact, they are all over the wall.

7. My IMU tag that's normally on the wall in front of me. Sentimental value ba. Tags from Iggy and sis. There's also the breast cancer ribbon, and the Human Life Service's Little Feet. My HKL tag during my stint in April. Curiously keeping me motivated and focused.

8. Meet Osbert's lamby, Tommy. The lamb dressed in a baby's swimsuit and the green WYD cape. He brings back good memories of Aberdeen. :)

9. Cooking meals. This was the dinner I made for Eunice as it is her 22nd birthday today. It may not look good, but I'm a better cook than a photographer, so. Attempted to hias a bit with lettuce and the potato seafood salad, bkos looked so cincai earlier on. Made pasta and salad only cos in my haste to get to the dispensary, forgot to take the meat out to thaw, so.

10. Take poser pics.

Aw, the end already? Do I really have to continue studying?