Monday, July 30, 2007

Another pharmacy practice test. The moment I saw a morphine prescription, I knew I was in trouble.

But nevermind, now I know. Wisdom after all, is experienced, not taught. My mistake is seared in my mind, and I know, that I wont ever, ever make it again.

We had 4 prescriptions to be dispensed within 2 hours, a big difference from our normal lab sessions where we spend 3 hrs doing only 2-3 prescriptions. Everything had to be done so fast. I felt like God of War's Kratos in one of his Rage of the Gods moments. That state of being when you're so alert with a sudden surge of energy. I felt like I was moving on from one prescription to another so fast, I didnt have time to breathe.

"I'm a green mean fighting machine." Shrek

Random thought : I miss staying up till late to play PS2 with my siblings. God of War was the last game we finished together.