Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The bank holiday came to an end, so I had to wake up early again this morning. It's amazing how fast time flies when you're bumming. I didnt even go for that jousting event in Linlithgow Palace on Saturday. Stayed at home instead, and well, buang masa. So much for my plan to go Edinburgh and Linlithgow during the 4 days break.

Oh well. There's always September break. *Grin*

Anyway, my group started our first sterile lab session today. Mine was in the sterility testing room of the clean room suite where we had to wear the sterile suits. Most of us were freaked out in the first week at the thought of stripping then donning them bunny suits (because there are no changing rooms, so everyone had to change in that one room), but I went through it today, and hey, it wasnt a big deal after all. It was actually quite fun. Though I thought I looked like a teletubby. Actually come to think of it, everyone did. Look like a teletubby I mean.

"Teletubbies say Eh-Oh!"

Anyway, the process of getting into the clean room was rather tedious and time consuming. After almost an hour of handwashing, fulfilling the personnel clothing requirements, and finally disinfecting double layer gloved hands with alcohol, we were finally clean enough to go into The Room. Menial work only though (after all that hassle). Managed to get my finger pricked by a syringe's needle towards the end of the day. I was uncapping the needle cap, it was a bit stuck and needed more force, so. But no harm done, it was a sterile one. In any case, the clean room environment is for the protection of your products, so to speak, not so much of protecting ourselves from the products. Hu hu.

I gotta skedaddle. Time is not on my side it seems. So much to study, so little time.