Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Note: Bit of spoilers ahead.

Turns out that I wasnt the only one who couldnt wait until the end of August to read Deathly Hallows.

There are only 2 others in my batch who have read so far, and I can tell u, it's pretty hard to keep shushed about the plot when the rest are still waiting until the end of exams to read. We had to resort to stolen whispers in various secluded corners of the dispensary today.

I'm dying to properly discuss. Ha ha.

We finished one test yesterday and somehow the whole batch spent the whole day in jubilation; enjoying the sunny day, playing and sititng on the grass, cooking special dinners, retail therapy, gaming, tv marathon. And of course, some like yours truly spent the rest of the day reading.

Part of the reason I decided to go on and read HP7 was because I knew that if I wait any longer, more and more reviews and spoilers are going to come up. And I know that I would inadvertently stumble upon one of them. Especially since I've been blog hopping a lot.

I feel fulfilled but at the same time empty at the end. Cant believe that was that.

Why Fred Weasley? That was so unexpected. The joker is gone.

George Weasley losing his ear was a hard moment too. I was horrified and then came the tears. I love the twins, see?

I like the idea of Ron & Hermione together, but Hugo? Seriously?

Dobby's lowly funeral was very, very sad.

Snape pleading Harry to look into his eyes as he breathed his last, that was sad too. Seeing the eyes of the woman he never stopped loving in the face of the man he hated.

Molly Weasley shouting something VERY unbecoming to Bellatrix Lestrange during the final battle. That made me laughed like mad.

It's good to see almost everyone made their final appearance in the book. Even Mr Ollivander the wandmaker from the 1st book was inside. Heck, even Viktor Krum was inside.

Overall, I thought it was a bit messy and rushed, but no matter now.

All was well.