Friday, July 13, 2007

I had a good rest, I had a good breakfast, and a good cup of coffee. I was about to have a good study session, but honestly, I cant really get the failure out of my mind just yet.

This is how I failed.

During the test, I got an emergency supply at a doctor's request, requesting for Adalat LA 60 for her patient, to be taken once daily. I did everything as required, including the dosecheck. I checked everything against the so-called pharmacy bible, the BNF (British National Formulary).

I wrote my dosecheck as follows:

Single dose : 60mg
Daily dose : 60mg
Recommended SD (from BNF): 20-30mg, increased if neccesary
Recommended DD : Max 90mg

Daily dose is within range of the recommended daily dose. Dose is safe, effective & appropriate.

Looked fine to me. I've been writing it like that in all the lab sessions, and not one facilitator told me that it was wrong. Suddenly I found out that I failed. They minused off 60 marks (negative marking, see?), and the passing mark was 50. So, go figure. Because apparently, "increased if neccessary" isnt good enough. I was supposed to say recommended SD as "60mg", because one dose itself was already 60mg. They were saying that it doesnt make sense if you put 20-30mg, because that implies that you're happy to dispense eventhough it's overdose.

Sounds complicated? Tell me about it.

I didnt really understand either and told the lecturers to explain again. So I failed not because it was an actual overdose, but because I sounded like I was happy enough to dispense an overdose at 60mg, when the recommended I stated was 20-30mg.

Nothing sobers you up like a zero. Even if it was only a mock test. No one likes to fail. I got another -10 for not asking patient whether he's/she's new to this medicine, another -10 for double prescriber consultation, -30 for labelling mistake. So, I could have passed really. That would be cun cun 50, if only I didnt screw up with the dose check.

Be more articulate, my foot!!