Friday, July 27, 2007

Summertime Lovin'

I went to Sainsbury this evening, and I cant help but notice that Glasgow is currently swarming with hawt, foreign hunks.

Like, seriously.

They are everywhere. Tall, tanned, good looking guys wearing sweatshirts with names of their respective countries of origin emblazoned at the back. Gathered here for a sporting event I suppose, though I'm not sure what kind of event is that. But seriously these teams all over. From Austria, Canada, Italy, Australia, New Zealand. Those are the ones I've seen so far.

And, and, and... the best part is, the Australian team is currently staying at the residence hall just opposite ours. :)

Oohh.. What a sight for sore eyes. It does get kinda dull sometimes in my batch, considering the girl to boy ratio is roughly 10:1.

In the words of Yi Jie, "God knows we are very stressed people, so He decided to give us something nice."

I'm SO with you, girlfriend! *Hyper sudah ni. Hmm.. Maybe it's the log cake that Sue Li gave.*

The eye candies couldnt have come at a better time. Exam time means lotsa gloomy faces, see?

Anyway, speaking of eye candies, I got a bit carried away with my Stephenie Meyer's trilogy last week, so I scrounged up anything I could possibly find about the books. Guess what? I finally have a face for the vampire, Edward Cullen. Steph Meyer was saying that if she has a say in who should play Edward Cullen if Twilight is going to be made a movie, that person should be Henry Cavill.

I saw his picture, and omigosh, he's so right for the part.

And again, if she has a say in who should play Isabella Swan, Edward Cullen's human girlfriend, that person should be Emily Browning.

Ah, I so can see it. Though I'm not sure whether making Twilight into a movie is a good thing. Pleasing fans is a very, very hard thing. Books are almost always better than the movie adaptations. If somehow I get a midlife crisis in the future and get so dissatisfied with my pharmacy career, maybe I should open a bookshop. A quaint little old bookshop. With cafe serving delish coffee and pastries. Yum.