Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's Martin's and Anne's wedding day today.

Even as I speak, Vasan, Nik, Amy, Sheena, Jem, Iggy and Paul are attending their wedding dinner. Sigh. I'm wishing that I'm back in KL today to join this joyous occassion. =/ With my whole heart. I'm feeling a bit emo and misty-eyed now. Especially since I've just read Jem's and Sheena's posts about the wedding.

Ya bah. This time one year ago, we were still in the midst of Potter and Clay. I remember Anne, who was my facilitator then, she told me that sometimes she would kacau Martin and keep on asking him when is he going to propose to her. We used to laugh about it. And then Martin really did propose to Anne much to the excitement of the kepo CSS IMU people. I'm so so happy for them. They are such a beautiful couple. Anne has a gentle soul as well as a big heart. Soft spoken but nevertheless firm in her faith. She helped me a lot in my spiritual journey last year. Martin, well. Haha. Joker, but also a God-fearing man, dependable, and trust worthy.

12 months ago, we were wondering when will Martin propose. Theirs was a long courtship, see? A few months ago, I got a msg, "I'm getting married this July! Yes, with Martin :)" Today, they exchanged their vows of lifelong love and commitment. *Smiles softly* My love and thoughts be with them.