Friday, August 03, 2007

Come Smell Me

My mood lately is quite like the Glasgow weather. Unpredictable. Hormones not working well kot. Ho ho. I mean, I'm starting to feel my biological clock ticking. Now, of all times. I suppose that's not so surprising, considering the fact that everytime I go home, a lot of people I know are already settling down, having babies, at my age or younger at that. In fact, just the last holiday, I met one of my friends in the supermarket, and she was showing me the picture of her 6 months old baby. Her husband is also a decent man, and was outstation for work when I met her. Ahh, it was such a housewife-ish conversation. Almost surreal. With her asking me about my (non-existent) love life and quizzing me about the fact that I'm still single.

Boy, imagine that. This was the girl I used to roll around in the mud with during scout camps and whatnot. Now, she's a wife, a mother, and ehem, quizzes me about my love life, just like MY mother.

Weird moment.

Anywho, I bought another new shower gel today, The Vanilla Moment. Saja. I feel so deprived ba, been living almost like a hermit these past few weeks, so I had to buy something.

So, anyone planning to propose to moi anytime soon? Must be tall, extremely faithful (I'm paranoid cos I see a lot of people being cheated on. No need to look so far, I have 2 housemates yg sudah kena cheat. And it was heartbreaking even for me to see them go through it). Must love God. Must be able to impress mom, must have backbone when questioned by dad. Must like kids. Must be deep. Must be a good listener. Must play no jual mahal/eksen games. Must be dependable. Dont I dont know you also dont know. Must be bulliable. Must got sense of humour.

Tick tock, tick tock.


MicHieBuN said...

your "must be" list is 2 long la!!!.... u tink theres any1 like dat in the world??...

Daphie said...

Dear Vice-President/Secretary of Spinster Club (Amy being the president, I think),

It was a wish list saja ba, tak boleh kah Bun? ;P