Monday, August 06, 2007

Hindi Pinoy ako

Did I ever tell you that if I wasnt born an Iban, I would want to be a Pinoy? Because:

1) I feel somehow a sense of kinship towards them. I can relate to them.
2) They are also Catholics.
3) They feel "very tribal".
4) Tagalog is cool, and it sounds tribal, much like the Iban language.
5) I've been mistaken many times for a Pinoy, so the idea of being Pinoy is quite appealing.
6) Think heartthrobs Diether Ocampo and Piolo Pascual. I wont feel like I'm out of their leagues if I'm a Pinoy too. ;p
7) Philippines macam best jak.

Anyway, I was expanding my music library just the other day, and I stumble upon this song by Bamboo. Best eh. I could listen to OPM (Original Pinoy/Pilipino Music) whole day and not get tired.