Thursday, August 09, 2007

Randomness becomes me.

Mz: *mutters under breath* Gluteus maximus.
Dx: Hey, that's the Transformers monster right?! *syok sendiri*
Me: =.="

We burst out laughing. If u understand the joke, good on you. You just passed Anatomy 101. =b

FMT1 was horrible. Yes, I actually studied a lot, mind. I'm officially in Michiebun's Nerd Club now.

We're getting fatter.

Been cooped in the house for too long. The only interesting/fun thing we do each week is grocery shopping. How sad.

Tokusen plasters, my best friend. I stick them almost everywhere. Legs, temple, back. Magic ba tu, apa pun can cure.

I need to go for teeth whitening after this one year, judging by the amount of coffee I drink each day.

I need to get a life. Dap is so not happs now.

I should start passing the PP3 assessments. And stop losing 20 marks for skewed/misaligned drug labels.

I tak paham why we have to study so many different aspects of pharmacy. Like it's a constant struggle to prove our worth.

I feel so stretched.

I promise I wont ever, ever bail out.

Some people were saying, "Got study ke? Like always play nampak, judging from the pictures."

Then how, put pictures of me studying??

Dua belas
If I hear anyone saying to me again, "Oh. Pharmacy. Ya loh, easier than medicine right? Suitable for you girls." Mari sini, I scratch your eyes. Easy, my foot.

Once upon a time, I used to be a happier, younger-sounding/looking/behaving person. In college I made my housemates play under the sprinkler at midnight. It was very cold but we had fun. I used to ajak them for picnics. Sing Joo, my close friend from college used to lie down under the stars at night and talk till late. We used to play basketball at night. We would dance in the court too when no one was around. We played with water guns. We went out to city like almost every single day. Jalan macam tak cukup tanah. Karaoke till early morning, the occassional clubbing. Go for midnight rides with Siaw Yie (another friend of mine who tied the knot, with his gf. Got baby now some more!). Had random uni students calling at night inviting us to their parties. Had guys asking out for dances and leaving roses and singing love songs at night.

There should be more guys studying pharmacy.

Whatever happened to that college Daphne? I like my now older self, the 21 year old who can actually cook, who can drive, who is financially responsible, but a little fun wouldnt hurt ba.

Kan? Kan? Kan? Kan?

Now like mak orang jak.


MicHieBuN said...

now u understand me....

as the president of the nerd club, i michiebun wud elect u as the secretary of THE NERD CLUB!

whr is that person...the one sayin pharmacy is easy....lets kill itu orang..and slice em...anen u can b ur old self by cooking it =)

Daphie said...

Wah, so high pangkat ah, Bun?

Can also lah. *malu malu* Though I dont think I'll be as nerdy as u, sensei! Kawaii-desu! --> Simply cakap Jepun, not making any sense I know.

Ya loh, mari kita kill itu orang. Slice in BM is potong, in case u forgot. Haha.

Evil, evil pharmacists. Hohoho.

Anonymous said...

haha u both! hilarious,now...let the one who's studied both pharmacy (well i know it was for a short time but) AND medicine tell which is harder.

Pharmacy lebih susah lah i think, cause all the stuff very abstract if you get what i mean. I remember I had like 5 lectures per day, and two sessions of 5 hour labs per week. Twas a killer.

Daphie said...

Yay, score!

Iklan: Michelle is a goose. Michele is also a goose. Nyeh nyeh nyeh.

yannee said...

yea.. there should be more guys studying pharmacy...
actually there are...
only our batch oni!
nottingham pharmacy dem happening ..