Friday, August 03, 2007

Ah, at long last, brief jubilation.

I finally finished my various lab reports for the Formulation, Manufacturing and Testing modules, not without a few dramas along the way. Burned out, momentary depression, hyper. Apa pun ada. Semester 6 beginning taking its toll. Been furiously typing away the since after the class test. A lot of data to be tabulated, graphs to be constructed. Ahh.. tolong saya!

Anyway, today is the deadline. And also the feedback for the 2nd PP3 test. Everyone looked so tired, haggard and downright ugly today as they walked into the dispensary. (myself included, who normally strive to look presentable, esp in Pharmacy Practice lab) Gone are the contact lenses, spectacles rule today. Yeah, that and puffy eyes.


I know I've been ranting a lot about hard everything is, but seriously it is. Many times this month I've been wondering whatever happened to the that ounce of intelligence I thought I had these years. Like, what is so hard about dispensing right? Surely it's a no brainer, right? The end is so near, and yet so far.

I will live through Semester 6. I must.