Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And you thought holidays were relaxing and therapeutic.

Couldnt be any more further off the mark. I just realised that I actually get less sleep during holidays, and more prone to muscle aches.

So, three more weeks before final year starts. It's just as well that I cancelled my Eurotrip. I've been limping horribly for the past few days because my left foot is acting up. Dunno what's wrong though, but I'm pretty sure it will be ok, in oh, a few days or so.

In the mean time, I've been watching episodes of Friends. Used to watch it a lot in Jer's place back in first year; along with Ken (in fact, the owner of the whole dvd collection), Mich, Ame and Sheena. Then we would be curled up in the Ikea sofa eating the planta mantis prawn rice delivered right to our doorsteps. That was fun. Ooh, yes. I'm doing it again. My train of thoughts.

I have also been passing time playing Kingdom of Loathing, which is absolutely hilarious. I play the disco bandit, and I can make delish cocktails. Then all the characters are stick figures. Isnt that fun or what? I would have continued where I left off in RuneScape.com, but somehow the game wouldnt load. Maybe it's the uni server. I'm a noob that I havent been able to figure out why.

I have also been passing time buying food and various (not so) neccessary goods, but you dont need to know that. Arh, darn the hard-to-apply eye liner. If you're my parents, and you're reading this, ignore the words in parantheses.
I suppose I could do something more productive like baking, but I dont want to. Because the CSS boys are not here to makan the thingies.
Oh, but I'm going Christmas shopping this week. Which reminds me.. just yesterday, as I was paying for groceries which included some mini Bailey's, the lady at the check-out counter asked for my ID. Frankly, I'm flattered that I look younger than 21. :)