Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blood & Peanut Butter

Eating a chocolate banana sandwich sambil blogging. Am I brilliant or what? Hah.

Random thought of the day: What was I thinking, buying bananas? I dont really dig them, and now I'm struggling to finish them.

So, I was in Edinburgh for the weekend, so was abt 30 or so of those in my batch, apparently. We were there to watch the fireworks that marked the end of the Edinburgh International Festival.

My (random) thoughts about the trip:

1. Edinburgh's Old Town is very pretty. There are like a zillion tourist attractions there. I got to walk along cobbled pavements after all. And the sinister tales. I really must come back one day to join the haunted graveyard or underground vaults tours. My kind of thang!

2. Went to the Royal Museum of Scotland. Apparently the Kelvingrove Museum here in Glasgow is much better. My highlight was the macabre Millenium Clock. Grotesque becomes art. Fascinating. The other highlight was the impression of the Donatello sculpture of "The Dead Christ Tended by Angels". There was something so profound and poignant about the sculpture, that I was moved to tears.

3. I went to the centuries old fortress, the Edinburgh Castle. At 11pounds per entry, I felt like I was ripped off. Highlights were the Honours of Scotland and the prisons and dank cellars where a lot of the soldiers and POWs (that's prisoners of wars, Bun) perished when the Lang Siege occured. Oh, and I saw a George Eads look-alike but taller and leaner, and I was whey-hey. Haha. More exciting was the fact that we bumped into each other many many times.

4. Did I tell you that Edinburgh is simply food heaven? There are bars and bistros everywhere. Actually one of my highlights of the trip were the pub grubs and the cappucinos. We had like major eating feasts there. Di and I anyway. Lovely, lovely food. I just didnt get to try the hot toddy, maybe next time.

5. Celtic rings galore! I bought a Celtic ring with the typical triquetra design. I wanted to get like many more, but, I really have been buying excessive blings of late, so. Next time then.

6. You want kilts? Come to Edinburgh. I want! The kilts are so pretty. They have them in pastel colours as well. I went crazy looking at those. I must get them before I leave.

7. Calton Hill was actually pretty, as I had imagined. Just that I was lazy to walk up the steps. Heheh. I was in a pissy mood at the end of the day (whatever that was about, honestly my mood swings baffle even myself) so I ran off to the cliff alone and I laid down on the grass, taking in the peacefulness. It was really nice. I can see the city from where I was sulking, and the clouds.

Must go back Edinburgh.