Sunday, September 09, 2007

Shumbody ish feeling hyper today.

Hmm. Must be the shweet snapple lemonade I drank before I left for mass. (I could have grabbed the carton of smoothie, but that was in the inner recesses of the fridge, and I was pressed for time, so.)

Sugar rush. Whaaaaaa....

Fr Paul Francis, or was it Fr Francis Paul? talked to us after mass today (as usual) and told us about this guy that came to mass last week. And as parish priest, (it was his obligation) to say hi and welcome the new faces. He told us that that guy was.. I mean, is a Malaysian. He just came here recently to start work (Fr. thought he was a student) and is homesick and was wondering whether Fr Paul Francis knows any Malaysians.

Too bad we missed that guy last week. Would be nice to finally meet a new face. And to not be the new ones anymore. :)

Did I tell you that priests at St Mungo's are so niceee? Esp this one that I still dunno nama dia apa. Like grandfather wei. So adorable. "And how are my Malaysian girls today?" Then he would hold your hands and talk, ask about studies, whether we're ok, or what. Isnt that nice? Someone here who cares.