Sunday, October 28, 2007

My godbrother who's in Newcastle just called me. Oh, the dear. :)) Call me more, people. It's been awhile since I chat on the mobile tau. Anyway, these are pictures of the path that leads us to St Mungo's church (courtesy of Di's cam). We've been trudging this footpath every weekend for the past 4 months. I suspect last night's strong wind blew the leaves away, 'cos the trees looked drastically um, balder, compared to last Sunday.

And this is the St Mungo's primary school's playground we always walk past.

Until tada, we reach our small community here in St Mungo's.

Eunice and I at the end of the 12noon mass. We always sit at this side of the church somehow.

After mass we went to the middle hall for the Meet The Parish buffet lunch. The buffet was great, by the way. Too bad I wasnt hungry, because I ate something in the morning. There were a great selection of cakes, rolls and pastries, and there were yummy sandwiches, samosas, parathas and so on. At first I was quite crestfallen because we came hoping to meet some new people in our peer group, sedangkan all around us were the elderly, or the parents with their little kids. So we sat at our small corner, sipping our tea, munching our pies like old cronies. But God is good, he sent these funny people our way. After getting the awkward ice-breaking out of the way, we instantly hit it off; the Malaysians, the Indian and the Nigerian. It's such a relief to finally meet fellow Catholic students, nevermind the fact that they are a few years older and are doing their post-grad studies.
We ended up being the last group to leave the hall, and probably the loudest; since we were all laughing away.
This was before the ice was broken, by the way. Who knows they were so chatty after that. Fr Paul Francis came to our table and smiled approvingly. :))
Dont mind my ugly hair, the wind was acting up.

We aprted after promising to catch up again after mass next week. I really like them, I could understand them better than the Glaswegian students. (Seriously, Glaswegian drawl is like a language of its own. It doesnt sound like English, at all. They tend to mumble inaudibly one. Ish.)


pat said...

Hey Daph :) nuan kah yang visit blog aku?:)

Daphne Maie said...

Eh, hi Pat!

Auk aku meh. Aku tetemu ka blog nuan ari links ba Puteri's blog. :)

benjaminujang said...

hi..merry christmas by d way...

nama rita wai??

wondering, manah mai gak menua org..but didnt u miss ur country more...??


Daphne Maie said...

merry christmas ngagai nuan mega.

gak iya, amat manah meh menua urang. tang sarawak sigi tetap the best! nadai ku enggau meh, perlu ngambi degree. :)

i miss miding enggau kasam ensabi.