Monday, October 01, 2007

Many things could go wrong today, but they didnt, and for that I'm really thankful. We had an IPL (interprofessional learning) prescribing session with the 4th year med students from University of Glasgow. Frankly I was sorta freaking about it the whole weekend; brushing up on pharmacology, reading journals, searching various clinical guidelines. Because I dowan to lose face. Because I dont want to be that idiot who knows nothing. We havent even get to know the local students in our pharmacy batch, and here we are sent to discuss with local med students. The feeling is akin to the feeling of being sent to a lion's den. We are metaphorically speaking here, of course.

So, thank goodness I didnt get my ass kicked today (because I heard a lot of people did, get their asses kicked by the home students). Puji Tuhan puji Tuhan puji Tuhan. I was working with 2 other batchmates and 2 med students; and they were a pleasant lot. We brainstormed and managed to come up with (what we think is) the best treatment plan in our patient's case. If there's one thing that is tricky about health care is that there's no right or wrong sometimes. And there's only one year left to learn the tricks of the trade...

I find it funny lah, that my first real conversation with a local student (beyond the customary howdy/polite small talk) is with one who is already off-market. Off-market as in married, bound in holy matrimony. As we talked about how we ended up with our respective vocations yadda yadda yadda, I smiled inwardly when I suddenly remembered that MSN article recently about married guys being easier to talk to - because it's true.


Anonymous said...

hallo jarnie!

good for you!!!

Daphne Gima said...

Uh-oh. Someone else from the Gima/Insol clan?! Hmm.. Or is it Jedz? :)

I.R. Jarnie

Amy said...

Now you know kan? Old men (and women) are attractive eh! (You can start to muntah now)