Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I just baked apple crumble, because my housemate didnt know what else to do with her deteriorating apples. I forgot how nice it is to smell the cinnamon and the crumble baking in the oven. With luxury Scottish dairy cream, it is even better to eat. Making it made me miss Paul though. This stands to reason because I dont remember him ever not being there whenever I bake apple crumble. He used to help me do the manual mixing of the flour and butter and stuff. I didnt appreciate how tiring kneading them can be until I had to do them for myself today. He's such a sweetie, he actually baked it once for his girlfriend's parents.

Partner in crime

Then I tried to recall the last time I made apple crumble. Then I remembered it was the evening before Jem's birthday in January. After that we all got sick of apple crumble and started making pineapple tarts instead.

Betcha didnt know I have this pic Jem!

It really is weird, baking and eating without all them gooses (yes, I know the plural of goose is geese) who have been my companions for so long.

Dap, Boney M & Lisha. Everyone loves Boney M.

Forgive me for being melancholic. What can I say? It's that time of the month (if you know what I mean), and I'm listening to the haunting melody of Aqualung's Strange & Beautiful. Lethal combination of both makes me miss everyone back home. You have no idea how much.


Anyway, on to my latest food experiment. I made a Nigella this evening and made sesame noodle salad. Very interesting. The dressing is made of ...*drum roll*... peanut butter, sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic oil and lime juice. Because I like colourful stuff, I added red pepper, brocolli, leek and carrot; coriander for garnish and salami bits too. Verdict: Nice but weird. Because peanut butter is traditionally associated with toasts and toasts only.


This house has gone mad. My neighbours have been baking (our flats are connected; we share the lounge & dining area), my housemates have been baking. Today, one of them became even more domestic by making her own jam. *sweat*


MicHieBuN said...

apple crumble.....apple crumble... i want!! huh! pineapple tart... bila... how come i nvr terasa pun =| now u owe me both apple crumble and pineapple tart!!
i din noe he baked for kher di's parents.. ahh so sweet...

Daphne Gima said...

hi bunny, how's yr teman lelaki? got what. i think chap goh meh that time we made what. ney, that time u cut ur sandwich 'M'. muahaha. but nvm, u must come over to btu next time for road trip ke apa ke, then i bake for u guys. so near what. lisha also drove all the way, k. ya loh, so nice hoh. he was meeting them for first time so go n bake. smart.

Yannee said...

ahha..ur sesame noodle sounds like it's similar to some yee sang taste...