Wednesday, November 14, 2007

After Eight Mints

Actually kan, tonight was my first dinner party in Glasgow. I just realised. Can't be helped lah, since I'm an ostensible homebody.

My neighbours, housemates and I (our two flats share the dining and lounge area) were joined by Pei Yuen, Yee Vern and our batch rep, Fionna for dinner. It felt like a tête-à-tête, except of course, it was not since there were 10 of us. But considering that birthday celebrations are normally big here, with like a gazillion batchmates and ah ci ah kau in attendance (I just learned this amusing Chinese phrase: means any Tom, Dick or Harry), an intimate party of 10 was/is refreshing. And oh, the ah ci ah kau would be me, because I feel awkward sometimes in said birthday bashes. You know lah, periodic episodes of social ineptitude.

Anyway, for dinner we had:
-Vietnamese spring rolls
-Fried meehoon courtesy of ahem ahem (dont look down at the old-time fave, fellow diners said it was yummy ok)
-Sambal brinjals (hot, spicy and oh-so good)
- Brussel sprouts and tatties in special Yee Vern's sauce. Very nice. Sour-ish.
- Fionna's Meat Special ('cos she named it as such)
- Watermelon (I need to include this though seemingly insignificant because I havent eaten this for 5 long months!)
- Tiramisu
- Ice cream with Bailey's

Dang. A lot of desserts kan.


The birthday girls with our Henry.

Henry is like the perfect male, 'cos he cleans so well. It's weird how everyone goes "Where's Henry?". The way we call it by name, you'd never guess we're referring to the vacuum cleaner.


And for the record, I dont name electrical appliances. Henry's different 'cos his name is printed on the back. Unlike my sis. She calls her oven Viola!


Anonymous said...

hahaha..ah ci ah kau cute la the way u spell 'ah ci'..shouldn't it be ah chu = ah pig? hahaha...oh well wtf i thought you the phrase anyway..ok that line sounded so like some ppl's style of writing wtf...hahahaha trying to copy the way they write...not bad ah i think i'll succeed if i choose to write that way..just end every sentence with wtf...crazy...ok dunno what i'm talking here...macam keluar topic only..hahaha..adios! -from you know who!!-

Anonymous said...

i mean taught not thought!!! no wonder it looked weird...gosh..english going down the drain...lack of sleep sial...and i'm like spamming your comment space...hhahaha

Daphne Maie said...

Oh, ya hor. It's ah chu ah kau. Pig and dog. Babi dan anjing. Haha. No ba, cos when u say it that time, it sounds like "ah ci ah kau."

Omiword, I'm so not done yet. Sumore like so free sit here n blog wtf. I also can blog like that wtf. Haha. Wtf wtf wtf. What's with the wtf la kan?

pat said...

haiya...the food looks so tempting especially popiah...hakai..tenguk eh!

Daphne Maie said...

hi pat,

nyak meh. amat nyamai popiah gaga kaban aku nyak. kulit popiah ka dikena iya nyak lain ko nuan, transparent gaya. sodappp! hehe. nyak meh aku ka mintak resepi ari ya, ka nyuba ngaga dirik empu.

Cokelatrawkz said...

Ni ulih diet enti ku diau sama2 kita semua wai.hahahhahahhaha.... send my hugs and kisses to Mr. Henry hahahhhha...

Daphne Maie said...

Hi Patti,

Apu, balat gak aku diasuh nuan nyium vacuum cleaner. Hahaha! Gak iya, makai ajak2 bala. Tusah sebengkah gak diau begulai enggau bala kaban.