Sunday, November 04, 2007

I made another new friend today. Well, sort of new. We talked last week but never got a formal introduction. We talked today after mass; he introduced himself as Gareth (of the Round Table, ha ha.) I noticed his accent was not Scottish, and it's definitely not English either, so I asked where is he from. Turns out he's from Wales. Hmm. I asked him what brought him all the way to Glasgow; I assumed that he's working in the city or something, cos he's still kinda young, late 20's tops, and he's always very smartly dressed to mass. Not in jeans, mind, but in formal attire; crisp white shirt and black coat and all.
And I got an answer that I least expected. Like, seriously, seriously. He's a seminarian(!), still in his first year. And uh.. in case, you're not familiar with the terminology, it means he's training to become a priest. Not seminarian as in he attends seminars.
And for some reason, I was kinda blown away. Whoa, look at that, man of God. At the same time, I was inspired by his courage. The road to priesthood is by no means easy. To me at least. It takes 7 years before you can be fully ordained as a priest. Hmm. My first Passionist seminarian friend. But what amazes me the most about him is that he's just so perfectly ordinary. He's grossed out by blood and the thought of experimenting on animal body parts, he's chatty and he's very goofy as well. So, so ordinary. I dont know how to explain it, but talking to Gareth today started a school of thoughts within. He just makes it seem so do-able. That sanctity really is a reachable goal, you know. Being extraordinarily faithful doesnt have to take us out of the ordinary. And I really needed to know that.
Reflections on faith aside, this was my dinner. I couldnt be bothered to let my food suck up to the camera present my food nicely for the camera; cos I was hungry, I was in a hurry, and yeah, I couldnt be bothered. But I can assure you, everything was fab, eventhough they might not be so ahem.. aesthetically pleasing. I had egg and mushroom quiche (pronounced as "kish", I believe. I could be wrong), guacamole, maple-glazed tatties 'cos I felt like eating my potatoes sweet, and the customary vege's. I had a glass of exotic homemade smoothie as well, and it was very, very yummy. But I wouldnt tell you what went in, 'cos it's like my secret recipe, see. Since I angan-angan want to own a cafe one day. You never know. Ha ha.

The Sunday dinner

My own blender for Christmas would totally rock.


Yannee said...

wat's a guacamole? somehow it reminds me of something from bats...hmm

van said...

n he's good looking, too!

Daphne Maie said...

nee: u mean, bat guano rite? :P guacamole, it's a dip made from avocado. normally eaten with tortilla chips, nachos too i tink. just mash it up n season. can add pepper all that also. very interesting stuff.

van: i know! he's attractive as well cos he's tall. the moment he said he was a seminarian, i was leaping away from him (in my mind saja ler). super taken aback. ah well.

Cokelatrawkz said...

LOL. I love the way you put quiche's pronounciation as kish. yup, some people might pronounce it as kwishi!Hahahaa..

same goes to fillet, mignon, tortilla. hmmmm..