Friday, November 02, 2007


Dear diary,


I got a phone call earlier in the day, someone requesting for a sump'm sump'm. I was gonna decline, because I felt like my charity was being abused. But then I went for mass in commemoration of All Saints Day, and someone told me, "It's all about how you choose to respond." So in the end, I decided not to stoop down to pettiness. Surprisingly, it wasn't too bad. The bruised ego prospect was just a farce. Maybe there's hope for me after all.




Indu Rumah Panjai said...

lalalala... there's a new Amu in town, Amu from piasau go to Amu ke nyak ba, ka enggau urang queue meli rotiboy, ke sama kelab enggau urang ba ambarukmo mall di jogja!

So visit her blog Pi!Seduai dik mayuh endar utai in common, laban sama mantaika gambar pemakai!


Daphne Maie said...

haha. aunty jenny blogging also ka? haha. cool! k, k. legi aku ninggal ke komen. i'll call yeh in the morning mum, u're probably sleeping now.