Monday, November 19, 2007

My taste of Asia

It's amazing how fast time flies when you're not doing anything.

I meant to study for the coming Drug Delivery System mini-degree exam today, but my notes are with Joyce. And she's out working and wouldnt be back until 6pm-ish.

To tell you the truth, as much as I'm enjoying the remaining 6 months or so of my studies, I just can't wait for it to be over. Because it's so trying. :( Having said that, I do acknowledge the fact that working life is not going to be any easier.

Oh, I was blog hopping earlier today, and I found out about this too good to be true site called My Taste of Asia. It's like your online Asian grocery store, they dont have like that wide a variety, but still, really tempting. I've been eyeing the Old Town White Coffee (I LOIKE!), ChanHong Sambal Ikan Bilis, Miaw Miaw Cuttlefish Crackers and bah kut teh noodles for the past 1 hour. Contemplating the idea of Veni, Vidi, Visa/Mastercard. See, I've been pestering Mommy for a care package for quite some time now; because everyone else seem to be getting something from home. I tried to lay the guilt trip by sighings of self-pity but to no avail; no care packages for me. Not that I blame her; I used to chuck out the rempah ratus she used to courier over the first year I left home. Teehee. I've stopped pestering her now, since I know she's pretty busy with business trips and doing household chores since we're now maidless. In case you're wondering, the real reason why we kids want stuff from home is because it's just nice to receive something from the family. Not so much that you're terribly missing the food and stuff. It's just... a nice feeling, y'know. May I also point out the fact that you cant get much from Glasgow's sorry excuse for a Chinatown.
This is a picture of home, by the way. Dad was in a picture-snapping spree, and he sent this over to me. I mean, over the net. Not like, over the snail mail.


Indu Rumah Panjai said...

Hear hear, my firstborn going from hints to boldness. Au, ngirum aku ila deh, this time around I won't send foodstuffs, from the look of things you have more than enough of that. In return I want you to shop for something for Osbert's X'mas present and send it over to him - will he be in Newcastle for X'mas?

Take care, mami

Daphne Maie said...

Oh, bagusnya bonda ada mereply. Haha. Tekenyit saya, saya pikir bonda tak ada time nak hantar. :b

Really? Yay! Ok then, I'll try shop for something. He'll be in London, celebrating Christmas with a mutual friend of his n Met's. (sidak tiga sama kelas Mdm Julia suba) The gift is from you n dad izit?

And I still want FOODDDDDD. :)

Indu Rumah Panjai said...

Yeap, gift is from godparents.Nama utai ke nadai pemakai dia? Kirum aku biskut, din mayuh agi, nyamai agi. Ka ngirum kasam babi enda ga tau... so nama deh?

TT said...

Check this out too They have different products... most importantly!!! They have Tean's Gourmet!!! Yummy!