Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm now waiting for some of my friends to come over. We're having dinner tonight as it's Hui Mei's & Pei Yuen's birthdays. My house was supposed to be in charge of ze carbs. I just finished cooking meehoon, but had I stayed longer in the kitchen... I would have been picking n picking on the food. So, here I am.
Hmm, dinner should be good. Joyce and I made tiramisu last night. (I deserve credit by virtue of baking brownie to serve as the bottom layer of the tiramisu, see. And, I watched the utensils. Hard work ok! Pfft.)

Btw, this is Sue Li, not Joyce. I refuse to put up pictures of Joyce & I cos she's but a wee thing (think cili padi). :p

Anyhoo, P105, a bunch of stalkers you guys are. We live with each other, we study with each other. You would think by now we would be so sick of seeing each others' faces, but apparently not. :p That's over 200+ page visits from Glasgow, you guys!

Eh, look what came in the Strathclyde mail today:

Pharm Care - non-attendance at feedback sessions
Dear student,

A number of you appear to be under the illusion that you only have to attend feedback sessions when it is your turn to present. This is not the case - it is compulsory that you attend all feedback sessions since they have been designed to provide as broad a clinical experience for you as possible and to use the sessions as a forum for discussing relevant clinical issues. Continued non-attendance without a valid reason at these feedbacks will result in you being NQ'd from the class. Furthermore could I take this opportunity to remind you that presentations should be done in powerpoint and copied to acetates. This enhances presentation clarity and allows everyone to focus on relevant clinical history rather than spending time deciphering hieroglyphics!

Regards, A.


Then there's another one:

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pharm Care diabetes workshop part 2

Some of the technologically illiterate numpties (I'm not naming names!) are claiming that my wee Mac has chewed up the file in such a way that it has corrupted it! I don't believe you all but please find attached a version of the file saved as an rtf file. If this doesn't work then I'll get my carrier pigeon to deliver hard copies individually to all concerned!



Oh my word! I have been reduced to quoting lecturers, whatta geek! But seriously this lecturer is just nuts. Dunno wanna laugh or be insulted sometimes (siapa makan cili...). :)

I managed to beat the seasonal narcolepsy these last 2 days. Hmm. Well, sort of. Only by a margin. I've managed to cut back on sleep, down to 6hours, as opposed to say, 10hours, but I'm still zombie-ing around all day. Sleepy and not very productive. I blame it on the weather, of course. The days dont make sense; I'm still disoriented as ever, what's with the increasing hours of darkness compared to light. Not that it matters much, as my room's blind is almost always drawn, leaving my room perpetually shrouded in darkness, illuminated only by artificial lights. But, that's beside the point. The point is... Hmm. The previous previous sentence was so long that I lost my train of thoughts.

I suppose what I really want to say is: I miss the sun?

And, ooh, you know what, I played with my rat's bladder tissue for the first time yesterday. It was just a insignificant-looking thing. Thank goodness I'm investigating bladder, at least it's not bloody like the heart tissues. I managed to hook up my tissue onto my complicated looking equipment yesterday, yay! All in all, my first day of research practical work wasnt too bad. Perhaps I could take pictures next time.


Ah, finally. The guests are here. Time for dinner. Catch ya later.


van said...

elo. i refresh yr blog ok. now u know where yr responsibility lies!!

Anonymous said...

yea yea ada orang famous!! muahahahha...become full time blogger xiaxue or something...burn pharmacy...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Daphne Maie said...

My 2 dear stalkers, I know yous love me.

Oh, btw, Van. I used to be one of 'em apathy incarnate too. I know watcha mean. The way they dispersed the crowd last weekend was crazy. Peaceful rally also kenot. Die la like that. Sumore so malu making headlines in CNN all.

Oy Di*na Banana. Haha. Think I so keng meh. I bet in 5 years time maybe u'll stop stalking my blog. Ok la, probably u would still check, but got a feeling u'll be stalking more of the nurses' or the doctors' in the hospital punya blog.