Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Buoy

In the middle of an all important weekend before the exam..

Is in the form of making a list of 10 Life's Simple Pleasures.

Buoy to keep you afloat and not drown with the amount of work, geddit?
And oh, what can I say? I'm a list person. And I am also currently evading the evil, evil notes.
Number 一 : Reading
Paradoxical, I know, when here I am avoiding the notes. But novels are oh-so wonderful.

Number 二 : Shopping

For everything neccesary or otherwise.

Number 三 : Physical contact
And, no it's not overrated. You never realise it until you have to deal with the lack of it.

Number 四 : Eating
And the the cooking or the taking away, whichever that happens in between.

Number 五 : Company
To spend time with at the end of a hard day.

Number 六: Someone's smile
To make your day.

Number 七: Shelter
Which is also a need, as much as it is a pleasure.

Number 八: Outlandishness
To break the tension when the going gets tough.

Number 九: Electronics & entertainment
Ah. My stash of movies and cd's. I've missed you.

Number 十: Dreaming
You're in this parallel universe and anything goes, need I say more?
Funny. Writing about the pleasures is almost as fun as actually doing/having them.
Added at the not-so-wee hours of the next morning:
As if to back up point #10, I had a very 'out there' dream last night. I had a pet wolf who turns into a human at night (and somehow became my boyfriend). I tried to exorcise the wolf out of the man, or the man out of the wolf, but it didnt work. The wolf-human scared me at first because he kept on disturbing me eventhough I gave him buns and ham to eat. But in the end , I found myself sad when the wolf-human had to leave this world, to go back to his enchanted world. Then I woke up. With the sobering realisation that the world when I'm awake is nowhere near magical; it was time to get up and study.


~ming~ said...

haha the numbers in chinese summore!

and is that sound of music??


Daphne Maie said...

hi ming!

yeaha, i wiki-ed my chinese numerals. you know, just to waste time. ;)

yep, it is sound of music. classic ma, so bought ori la.

this time tmr we'll be almost free.

Cokelatrawkz said...

Merry Xmas to U and Family!!


Jeremy Gerard Nunis said...

Haha.. sounds like my kind of dream!