Saturday, December 08, 2007


As much as I miss khatulistiwa, it's kinda fun to stay here too, if only to gain the experience of putting your hand as far out the window as possible, to catch some snow flakes.

It only snowed once last year. Let's hope we will be lucky this year.


Added at 9.15pm:

Dang, I cant help but remembering how surreal the feeling was. I've seen snow falling before when I went up to Mt Titlis in the Swiss Alps, but, today was still pretty amazing. Probably because I didnt see it coming. It was raining all noon, then out of a sudden I looked out the window and I see snow flakes. Wow.


Yannee said...

that's a nice pic! i din get to snap any nice ones... all so dark... buuhuu

Daphne Maie said...

i spent a good quarter of an hour or more sticking my head out of my window trying to get some flakes on my hair to take pic. but mana tau the wind keep on blowing the snow/rain away from the building. so had to resort to night mode scenery pics. :b

i'm on the 4th floor, so i can see lotsa heads and hands sticking out from various windows below just now. haha.

Entayang said...

Whoaaa snow flakes..apuu mesti celap..

*imagine* ;)

So xmas in Glasgow?? Bila nuan pulai??

Daphne Maie said...

Auk. Umbas ya gak penyelap diatu. Aku summer taun baru baru pulai. Bulan 7 baka nyak kini. Ngarap ka bisi snow balat taun tu, enda kala white Christmas deh. :)

Nuan bila pulai Sarawak deh?

Entayang said...

Aku pulai tomoro ;) to KL 1st..

Akai enda sabar amai asai tuk..huhuhuhu

Have a blessed Christmas and Happy new year 2008


Daphne Maie said...

Ooh, so happening!

Bah, you too, Deb. Blessed Christmas to you, your hubby and your family. Enjoy home!

xoxo, Daph