Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I freaking dreamt of John Mayer in the early hours of the morning.

From dreaming of fishes that looked like pads, of college boys graduating, and of carrying my two cousins in a bucket, my dream flowed on seamlessly to the part where I suddenly found myself in a bar, ordering a cup of coffee (of all things), and lo and behold, John Mayer came up and stood right next to me!

Even in my dream I was so dumbstruck that I stared at him and he looked at me and said hi, then he smiled, and we stayed like that looking at each other for a while. (Because we're both waiting for coffee. And I looked like I had something to say, but I never did say a thing.)


Probably the closest that I'll ever get to the musician, and I couldn't even say anything. Goodness. I was so peeved at myself, I woke up straight away.



Anonymous said...

John Mayer is HOTTTTT!!! sizzling hot!! hahaha..happy? at least better than dreaming bout the moffatts la..lol

hot chick next door ;P

Anonymous said...

hiya it's me again!! hahaha..i just realised you changed your 'about me' info..the last sentence caught my eye...i SO nominated you for that superlative on facebook...ahahha

Daphne Maie said...

hi delusional,


happy. yeah. it's SO true. that bit abt wiki memang i copy n paste from facebook. bwahahaha.

didja noe that the counting house is named so because the building actually belonged to bank of scotland? it was a bank bah dulu. actually a pub chain, but they name the pubs different one, according to history of the place.

Daphne Maie said...

and yes,

he's HOT! in my dream he looked even better.

MicHieBuN said...

wuuuuuuuuuuuuuu JOHN MAYER!!!
i wish i was in ur dream 2!!

milocup said...

HOII I like the Moffatt's ok!! But can't deny Johnny ere has become such an absolute HAWTYYYYY!!! SHIT how do you get any work done with that pic of him on your desktop?!

Daphne Maie said...

The Moffats dream was kinda random. At that point I wasnt that big a fan yet. Anyway I dreamt they had no place to sleep so came to my house and crashed the sofas at our living room. Kekeke.

Yes right! My desktop background is so distracting.

Daphne Maie said...


Nyeh nyeh nye nyeh nyeh! I saw John Mayer. ;p