Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cold in the CAL Lab

Well, hello! Greetings from the hallowed almost-deserted computer lab. My room internet decided to go crazy on me last night, just the night before my Pharmaceutical Care presentation, no less. And now, 16 hours later, my internet is still not back. I'm dying to windowshop in Amazon.

Talking about presentation, I feel like I've lost my integrity today, but let's not talk about that. Because remembering it gives me the shudders. Better recycling a clinical case than getting tembak-ed by the examiner about a complicated no-guideline-whatsoever case. Shites. But at least I got my marks.

Anyway, there is another ceilidh this Friday, this time organized by the Glasgow University dudes at the West End of Glasgow. Apparently they're trying to break a Guiness record or something, for the biggest ceilidh ever held. So, they've extended the invitation to us Strathclyde people as well. Should be tonnes of fun. Going anyone? For those not familiar with the Scottish culture, ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee), is basically a social dance event. Almost like mom's joget poco-poco. It's way fun-ner than going say to discos or clubs.


Though of course, whether or not we'll go all the way to the other end will very much depend on the current sucky weather. Just when I got all excited about the sun and spring!


milocup said...

ME!! ME!!

Any excuse to dance with random people and not get kicked out =P

Daphne Maie said...


No one will kick us out there. Haha. I love ceilidhs man. So fun! Like speed dating.

Sudan said...

Go! Go! Go! It'll be fun! I might get an ang mo ipar, and a cute nephew/niece to claim as my own! Ngiahahahhaha

kakak awak said...

Haha. Tuyukz. Ila meh aku pulai ngiga Empangup.

Indu Rumah Panjai said...

enggai aku ka empangup, nadai nulung apai dik besawit ila.

Anonymous said...

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