Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy 22nd birthday, Selene Selini Zucchini Tortellini Fettucine Cannellini Baloney "Whipped Cream" Bikini!
Apparently feeding you 6 shots at once was a wrong move. Rather have you up and alive and jumping, rather than lobster faced and totally out of it. Ah well, whoever's next on the birthday list then. ;)
xoxo, Daph


Anonymous said...

wahhhh kepengsanan!!!!!!! hodohnya gambar I! imej

eh eh why dun hav ur pic!

milocup said...

What your gambar hodoh now?! Where there is a face of mine, I look stoned and whipped. The other is a freakin panty pail on my head.. WTH! YA LA where is your face arr Kak Dap....

Cat Cat said...

Wah, those green stuff nampak sedap aje... What is the name of the drinks??

Daphne Maie said...

Hi Miss Anon & Ms Zucchini,

Mana de huduh tu? Ok what. Custard pudding!

And Selene, I was trying not to draw ppl's attn to the fact that it was u underneath that pail, but haha, u bocorkan the secret urself. ;)

Hi Cat Cat,

We minum Midori. The melon liquer. My flatmates' fave tu.

milocup said...


minimei said...

Nice addition to her evergrowing name! Whipped cream bikini. LOL!