Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Slow down, child.


Who am I kidding? By noon the fog had somewhat dispersed. And I am now lying on my bed, enjoying the sun rays. It's a beautiful day. There were boys kicking a ball around, oh and a topless hippie-haired dude. Then there was a lone ranger sitting under a tree, having a smoke. It reminds me of the countless days in September, after the summer semester when I spent everyday reading books on my bed, the sun warming my toes.
I have only 20 more weekends left in Glasgow. I'm absolutely stoked to go home and see my new nephews Moses, Aidan and Adrian and the rest of the family, that I'm quite forgetting the fact that hey, my time here is running out. My (semi) independence from family obligations, freedom, constant company, weather, culture; all these things I will miss. Dad said to take one step at a time, not bounding up the stairs like I always do, many many steps a time. "Don't worry about the future, Fi, just find joy in your present time." Dad seldom say things like that, so I shall try to take his advice to heart. Though for a worry wart, living in the present doesnt come quite naturally.


van said...

MY dad always said, arrgh misty morning, means it's gonna be too hot later. (doubt there's any metaphor in that though.) dunno how the two connect, but it somehow always proves to be true.

did u see the jugglers?

dafini said...

Ha. Yeah man, it was quite a hot noon. Funny how hot means 10 degrees. I'm sure I'll be melting when I balik kampung.

No, I didnt! I only saw the guys playing. The next moment I looked out the window, the guy already took his shirt off. Bronzed. Ooh.

p/s: I terbreak one of my resolutions today - I ter-drank pepsi.

-f-l-o- said...

What's your email Daphie, need to add you up for my 'other' blog. :)

dafini said...

cleothello @ gmail [dot] com

Wow, how many blogs do u manage? =)

Anonymous said...

daphne don't you talk like that, are we really going to through what we did in KL again??? I remember that night you left, goodness the buckets I cried.

Any yes, you have just made me feel extremely regretful for not going down to Glasgow as often last month!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

And Dad also says: " This day comes to you and me as a gift from God - savour and not squander it."

-f-l-o- said...

You'll figure it out. :)

dafenie said...


But it's true ba. I am going back soon. The whole batch is starting to book flights home. But nevermind goose, we'll see each other again for sure, the world has become a small place. ;)

Stella said...

10 degrees heat.. gosh i miss that. its 10 degrees here, and its cold! haha

amy said...

Mich!! Miss youuuu goose!!

And dap. Jangan lupa our road trip plan yaa...I hope jadi..

Sigh. I miss everyone. (Have been in malacca for my practical for almost 2 months and im missing everyone like anything. Can't imagine how YOU felt la goose)

Take care n see you soon~ ((hugss))