Saturday, February 09, 2008

**Revised and truncated to nothingness at 7.34am the next day because, as the Russian saying goes, morning is always wiser than the evening, and an angry person is always a fool.
In Summation:
I was rudely awakened by a phone call in the night. It took me forever before that to get to sleep, and it was a long time after the ringing when I finally managed to sleep again.


milocup said...

Nyahaha.. I managed to read it before it became nothingness and wooO did you sound pissed.. Tu lah.. mak bapak tak ajarr. Tengok.. makcik dap dah naik darah.. eish eish eish...

Daphne Maie said...

and as if to prove my point, selene, it's now 5 to 11 on a sunday night, and my extension phone just rang.

that's twice in two nights. rang for so long some more.

lolzter said...

hahaha..yea selene told me about ur pissed off post...but when i read it, sudah di-edit! hmm..disengage ur phone when u wanna tido la...or else damn annoying..i actually heard ur phone ringing for quite long on sat both occassions also not me ah...i nv kacau u!