Monday, April 07, 2008

It's funny. My father paid quite a sum to send me to a greatly deprived area, where despite the development and all, the demographics, ok so what was the word again, I can't remember. Anyhow, compared to KL, or Bintulu for that matter, Glasgow is like a slum city. Nevermind it being the largest retail city in Scotland. Alcoholism and violence runs rampant. (Scots give bala kitai a run for our money ha ha, and I thought kitai ke stereotypically famous for that, alcoholism bit I mean) It is not uncommon to be awaken at 3 or 4 to hear merry men shouting and singing in a drunken stupor. Ok sometimes it's as early as 8pm. I hate it when that happens, so which means I get irritated on a regular basis. This coming from a person who stays on the (topmost) fourth floor. Hate to think about the people staying below and below and below.
I never feel really safe here walking at night, except when Gareth's with us of course, his weapon of choice being his rosary. Glasgow's pretty much a crime city, entah, you always hear about people getting stabbed and raped and killed somewhere somewhere. Been clinging to my pepper spray (despite it being illegal here LOL), but I think that's not gonna do much, considering it's a bit hard to squirt, and I'll probably be fumbling around the contraption with my gloved hands anyway. My hands are still gloved because it's one degrees out there even in the supposedly spring, and it snowed yesterday.
At the end of the day, I suppose my point really is, I wonder why some find it so likeable and loveable here. But I suppose, again, it's because despite the sordidness, people find contentment here somehow. Maybe it's the being independent bit, being among friends bit, being in a different city, I don't know. I don't think I'll miss the city per se (then again you never know), but I know I would miss the cold air on my face, I would miss the soup and sandwich for lunch culture, and of course, there's this one special place (conveniently behind the university library) where I find peace and security when things get too crazy. So much so that I'm considering joining the Passionist religious life and stay here happily ever after, which of course makes mom laugh. But tis a nice thought.


Indu Rumah Panjai said...

Hmm...manah meh nya, enti bc asil. For the festival of praise which we held on the eve of peter Hwang's ordination, I drafted a petition for uncle Martin Sia to read, surrendering children of our diocese to the Lord of the harvest, may He give them discernment to know their calling in life, be it the priesthood, religious, single or married. And last Friday i led the intercessory prayer, again we prayed for vocation. We surrendered our children and youths of the parish to the Lord of the harvest....I won't laugh Pi...seriously.

milocup said...


I didn't realise pepper spray was illegal here. Oh well....

Stella said...

really? I had an alarm which i never used. I used to walk ard glasgow alone at night... the safest time being 12 midnight as the streets are full of people going out!