Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Uh.. yay?

I'm bracing myself, because the first day is finally here, and it will not be over until the 21st. The palpitations are here too, finally. The general lack of worrying has got me worried. I know it doesn't really make any sense but I'm not that scared about the exams per se, just the overall result, which will ultimately decide whether or not I'll be graduating this June.
For my family and friends, I thank you for the emails and messages and calls. Also for the prayers, and for the masses offered. From now on there's basically not much I can do, no matter what the outcome, I (am trying to) feel secure, because I am in the Lord's hand. I will graduate, if that's His will.
In the meantime, I'm warding off my worries by revising, watching Scrubs and listening to my own heartbeat using my (sister's) newly acquired Littman 3M All Black Edition stethoscope currently in my possession. It's strangely therapeutic trying to steady the increasingly rapid beats as of this morning. Of course, there's God, but you know that already.
All the best, fellow MPharm-ers.


ti3nD said...

dap dap,

thks for the good luck tap before the dds paper!

arrgh ur post is exactly telling what is in my heart too.


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