Thursday, June 05, 2008


All things considered, I had a blessed, happy and fairly successful 4 years. I'm not getting a distinction nor a merit, but in return I've gained other things, other experiences that I would not trade for the world.
But there you go guys, I will be graduating, I will be a pharmacist.
Given another chance, I still wouldn't do anything differently. I studied, and I had fun. Although after attaining the ultimate goal, I feel a bit at a loss, and a now-what kind of feeling. I don't know yet what I'm going to do with my pharmacy degree, but we'll see where this next few years will take me. But for now, good riddance, pharmacy. I'm glad despite the love-hate I have for you, I made it through. It feels like this isn't exactly what I want to do - but then again, I might love it once I enter the clinical years. I envy M though, she knows what she wants next, she wants to go into visual arts, like she always wanted to. I hope I have her courage to pursue my own interests.
But in the meantime, be happy for moi! Aku dah lepas ari nyawa baya!


BukBuban said...

Congratulations! Isn't it great to "lepas ari nyawa baya". Can't wait to get you home to be my "ama".Praise the Lord!

Indu Rumah Panjai said...

Congratulations on passing your finals and making it to the roll of graduands come June 30. Dadi udah gagau mai aku ngiga silk tie kena iya meda di convo ila. lalu bedau bulih, malam tu last nite kami ba Ho Chi Minh, legi ngiga ka iya.

Praise the Lord, alleluia!

Stella said...

Congrats Daphne! :)
Now you can fully appreciate all that Scotland has to offer. Have a wonderful break and I hope to see you when I go back in July!

Entayang said...

Congrats Daphne!! Well done..Praise the Lord..

daphyduck said...

Hey guys!

Thank you! :)

-f-l-o- said...

Hey congrats! Don't get 'emo' graduating like I did. No drama tho but I was telling myself 'this is it...' and started choking.


van said...

eh congrats, i have a long blog post regarding that coming up myself but paiseh la hog hostel comp. anyway in krakow now, back in 5 days, sorry to gareth for missing it all, wah how come when i'm away scotland become so happening?