Friday, June 20, 2008

I know I've been rather quiet on this front, but it's been anything but that. We just got back from London this evening (where we saw Will Smith and Charlize Theron on the red carpet!) and there's only three of us left at home now. The other three are away already with parents and whatnot. J, S and I are still family-less sob sob. We spent the evening eating vegetables and beans to atone for the sins of having roast duck rice for the past two nights. While watching a chick flick. And I got mooned while doing dishes - and it took my breath away because my breath died in my throat due to shock - if such a thing is possible. Hmm. I've got unbecoming housemates.

Anyway, we were supposed to watch musicals in London, but in the end we didn't. What we did do is waited a long long while for Will Smith to show up (and Charlize Theron is truly perfection even in real life), went make up shopping since the new Loreal lipstick invention is so amazing, went Chinatown-eating a lot, and went shopping shopping. I also came back with a framed black and white portrait of Johnny Depp from many years ago that I managed to snag at Covent Garden Market. I felt so ridiculous when I realised how much I loved the picture, so much so that I bought it (kinda reminded me of that time in college when I bought the Orlando Bloom poster) but whattheheck, Johnny Depp's now on my desk looking forever young in his scruffy jeans and then still long hair.
I so want to fake a signature - just for personal satisfaction. ;p


Indu Rumah Panjai said...

Hi anak, hang on there, family as in me and dad is just 5 days away!


Indai Dian said...

Oy oy oy, don't forgemme! I want oleoleole!

milocup said...

AaAAAaAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH~!! Evil woman! Habislah reputation I!! Waitlah till I blind you with my SuperMoon..

D. Maie said...


Can't wait to see you guys too. Dinga dik anak dik siko dak agik nyok. Kasih tudah minta ole ole. LOL.


Btw dad said aku ulih ngena sepetik enti meli utai ka dik as long as it's reasonable. So aju gik ai.. tell me what u want.


You're such a tease!

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