Monday, July 21, 2008


My birthday was 2 Saturdays ago and I thank all who cared and remembered - I feel so loved. Many, many thanks all!
I went back to the longhouse for the first time in 14 months just last weekend for a 'makai selamat' my family organized for me upon my graduation. I personally thought that there was no need, nevertheless, the plan was carried through. It was good to see almost everyone again - there were at least 300 people who showed up that night. It was supposed to be a "small" family affair, my longhouse, and a handful of my extended family members from other longhouses, which should only be about 150 people max, but somehow there were a lot of gate-crashers. Some I've never seen before in my life; one was a priest, Fr Connors, the missionary who's been serving in the Selangau parish for years; another was a catechist. I was more than a little tense and overwhelmed in the early evening, but all turned out ok (and as an added bonus we've got a priest to preside the prayer session LOL). I also got an unexpected bouquet and a basket of chocolates from Tuai, mom's eldest sister. I didn't get one during my actual graduation, both mom and I thought it wasn't practical bringing it home naik belon with me a few days later, chucking them out pula wasn't an option. I have to say, seeing a bouquet in the middle of a kampung in the khatulistiwa was super weird and out of place - but I love it. :)
Thanks, mom and dad, and the whole family, for celebrating me.


Stella said...

congrats Daph! Have a good rest first before thinking about working..Happy belated bday.. are you coming to kl in the next 2 weeks?

di said...

wah ada bunga bunga gitu..gambar mana? rindu muka u i'm officially back home! feels so weird..

-f-l-o- said...

Oh, how this reminds of the celebration I had for my graduation. I guess it's typical being from Dayak origin, to celebrate it with the whole kampung.

I love and miss the tradition.

Have fun back home and enjoy your holiday. :)