Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Clouds and Silver Lining

I am currently still in the process of spring cleaning the study - there are books and random pieces of paper inside here that should be chucked out years ago. I don't know how bro manages to find his stuff among all the rubble (most are his). I'm also currently looking silly because of my lab goggles that I insist on wearing to prevent them dust from getting into my eyes. Been having allergic conjuctivitis since I arrived home and it's nasty. My antihistamine eye drops are running low.
In the midst of all these cleaning and sorting out books, I found 3 pages of essay from 6 years ago. It's mine, and it's something personal that I wrote about my dad for Mdm Julia's Singapore English class. I got the highest mark that week in class but the essay was never read out (contrary to the class tradition), but I know Mdm Julia made a copy for herself to keep. I got a chance to read it again today - I've forgotten all about it until I found it. Reading it made me tear a little, and reminded me of all the childhood stories about him that I used to hear.
We've been blessed. Mom and dad are now a long way from being dirt poor, but I think I take it for granted sometimes. It's good to be reminded once a while that education, honest hard work and will power are required to succeed in life, because I do tend to forget.


milocup said...

Kak Dap!! So I hear you've been hired as the maid back home?! Heehee.. Bagus bagus.. Auntyy uncle! Get your money's worth! Make her cuci the mangkuk tandas until its squeaky clean! EHEH

No larr.. Me not so bad to you.. Aww we miss you DaPeneeE... We sent Diana off today. So sad la tinggal us 3 lonely souls in this house..

D. Maie said...

Oi, Lene.

See? Siapa suruh balik so lambat. Good thing I balik early, kalau tak sure more pokai. But I do miss the shopping. Who ask my friend, me, to ship most of my baju, now I've got sikit je here until the boxes come. T_T

I miss you guys. Saw your Pollok peekchas. So not a family without May and I!