Thursday, August 28, 2008

Holiday (-ing in) Inn

I took the morning flight to Kuching, and arrived about 9.40a.m. Today is a good day, as I managed to check into the hotel by 10.30, no hassle of waiting until 2pm for a room kind of thang. So I thank you God, for making this easier for me. I've been cooped up in my room ever since, well prepared, mind, with my trusty ol NEC laptop, since the HP motherboard is totally screwed and would not get well again for less than RM2340, which in my opinion is crap, since I paid.. ahem, Dad paid so much to get it in the first place. But enough ranting.
I'm cooped up because I spent the rest of the morning trying to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow. I am my own barrier. I don't think it's going to be that bad, at least not as bad as getting into the lab each morning and answer a barrage of questions from Trevor a.k.a. the (x) research supervisor, pharmacology things, neuroscience things that I should have at the tip of my hands. If I could handle Trevor, with his tall big frame and keen eyes looking down intently at yeh, waiting for an eternity, never letting you escape a question without an answer (we didn't call him Big T for nothing), I think I could handle my SPA interviewers tomorrow. Cause no one could possibly be more intimidating than Trevor, unless it's Yao Ming the basketballer, cause he's tall. LOL.
So, screw studying. I'll just pray to God for eloquence and an abundant grace of expression. Ben's coming to pick me up later at 4-ish, Paul's not around boo hoo, while Van.. Van is with Kevin in the west. I have internet access and a Vietnamese movie to watch and I have That 70s Show, so I'll just hang out and take this is as a mini holiday of some kind.
Off with my movie, and my ayam kentaki.


Cokelatrawkz said...

mintak manok seketul?


di said...

woman!! how was your interview??? hope it went well. what sorta questions they asked u?? have u handed in your borang maklumat diri? i handed it up on thursday when i got my offer letter from putrajaya..

ei update more la...i miss u u know!! lol

i'll be off to bali on tuesday! hehe i will be back to terrorise your blog.

oh oh...Gar said that Fr. Paul Francis & Fr. Marius are leaving Glasgow!!! :(

cYbeR FiSh™ said...

Trevor Bushell!waah..i missed him lol.weird taste i know.

how are u!looong time no c!

D. Maie said...

Hi Coki,

Bah, benong ku di Kuching ari nyak, terkenang ke nuan, trying to remember the places that you mention in your blog (bkos I jarang go Kch, so it's unfamiliar). Went to the Spring. Haha.

Hi Di,

Come back safely and dont hanky panky ok. Oh noes. Who's gonna replace Fr Paul Francis then? Must be the new parish that they were talking about. Sigh! I just emailed Gar over the weekend, he didnt mention anything abt them, but then again I didnt ask. Talk to you later!

Hi Yi Jie!

How are you? Did you go for convo, I bet you did. I'm fine thanks. Have you got your posting letter?