Monday, August 11, 2008

Shopping weekend

I know, this blog is so dead. That's because I've been busy taking over Ballas and Vagos hoods in GTA San Andreas. I know there's already a GTA IV, but I don't have it (yet), so.
I was in KL just this last weekend to see sista off. The godbrother was with us and the two kept on poking each other in the ribs. My now working cousin was also there. Also met up with the gooses in Sushi King for lunch, and I was horrified, not because Michiebun and Lisha lost weight, but because Pris too lost weight, she's been working too much in the wards. Also met up with Dr Jeremy. It's weird to think, to process the fact that they are doctors now. They're pretty unconventional doctors, I think. Congrats, Jer, Mich and Vas!
My academic transcript from Strathclyde just came today, and I'm finally able to send my application to SPA and Lembaga Farmasi. I'm nervous!


van said...

hey was in miri over the weekend, got a place already - it's in friendship garden, miri-bintulu rd. almost inadvertently went to visit u (lots of getting lost moments).

how u doing dear? i'm guessing u wont go for convo :(

ToMaToBaBy said...

stupid head..the transcript reach you already also never tell me...

milocup said...


Woman I so romantic sing for you still dowan come visit me arr? Hurry larr.. The longer you are away from me, the more I'll miss you and hence the more obscene things I'm going to do to you the next time we meet =P =P

*poke poke*


Indai Dian said...

hi jarni! sapa ke jai mulut nya? kitu awak ka aku mukut iya!

just wanted to tell u tat i love the pjammies! thanks!

Anonymous said...


i'm going for the convo! last minute said she wanna go..

oh n my interview's on the 26th aug! when's yours??

update more la my dear!


ty said...

Gimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! u senyap-senyap balik kl ah! JAHAT!

daphy said...

Heya Van!

Goodie, goodie. So when you and your dad moving there? I can visit you then when I'm there. ;) I miss you, and hoping to see you soon.

Hey Joycie,

Paise lo, sorry. But I did msg you after that kan. Enjoy your time in Bali, turd.


Selene you're such a tease! Unfortch for you and extremely fortunate for me (ha ha), I won't be going for convo. Wanted to at first, but then dad said the most practical would be staying in Sheraton all, so I malas la. So jauh from everythang.


Nemu nemu la nuan. *wink*

Hi Di!

La ila hai. I thought we sama sama wanna boikot IMU convo. Kurang asam lah u. I forgot to tell u that Paul msged me the first weekend you got back, telling me he saw u in church . Anyway, since you're going for convo now, say hi to Jer and Vas if you see them k. If u berani la. Haha. Let me know abt your interview ok. xoxo!

Thai Yiung, you cipan!

Apakan. Ada ba saya tanya dengan si Priscilla and Michie. I thought you know ba, because Paul and Sebastian also knew I was in KL. Sorry la darling. Ba later if I come again I visit you. ;)

aLiCia said...

hey ms thang!!! cant wait 2 hang again.. you.. me.. in miri... hotel.. i mean hospital... *use ur imagination*

Sheena said...


*sob sob*