Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Today is a bad day, but praise the Lord anyway.
I was in the Klinik Kesihatan today to get my medical check-up done before I start working. Was looking for a parking spot and turned at a tight corner with a car also coming from the opposite direction. She didn't move, and I know there were cars behind me. Someone has got to move. Had I the hindsight, had my good judgement and common sense were there for me to rely on, I would have known it was a bad move. I felt trapped there. It was a split second decision. I inched forward.. and I scratched her car, and mine. Door flew open. Uh oh. A NURSE! She screamed at me. She was angry and rightly so, I was the one who made the move that cost us both. I was dumbfounded, it felt surreal, and I thought this could not be happening to me. But it did.
She parked her car and went to find me. I was already parked underneath a tree, hands shaking, head spinning. I saw her coming and I prayed to God for strength. I stepped out of the car. She was composed by then, the damage was minimal she said. Thank God. I was profusely saying sorry. I looked at her closer, and thought she could have been my mom. She was nice the second time around, and said she's sorry for raising her voice. I was like hmm.. yeah, must have belatedly remembered it's Ramadan. But I thank God then, at least she's no longer furious. We exchanged numbers, and I went inside, bracing the crowd.
It was only 8.15am, and there were so many people there. Mostly Iban. Like me. I took a number. 187. Only 70 plus people ahead of me. I can hardly move, it was so packed. I finally found a seat at a far corner. Waited for more than an hour to register. I was uncomfortable. The nurse from the car incident might be anywhere in the building and I certainly do not want to bump into her or anything. It was finally my turn at the registry. I handed them the form and I had to wait for another half an hour or more to be attended to. A nurse finally opened the door and called my name. Vital statistics test, and eye test. She gave a wee pee bottle (LOL), to be handed to the lab, and other forms to be given to different departments. I went to the toilet, it was at the far end. It must be there, the sharp urine smell I could smell first, before I could see the toilet sign itself. I peered into a cubicle and I was transported back into high school. I hiked my pants up and folded them. I went inside, closed the door. There was turd behind the door, and behind closed doors, the urine stink to high heavens. There were no sinks, no toilet papers. I fought back a wave of nausea. I needed to do this.
Relieved that it was over, I made my way to the lab, carrying the bottle as inconspicuously as I could. Waited another 40 minutes before they finally took the bottle from me. Headed for the X-Ray department next. Just sat down and was immediately called in. Uncharacteristically fast. Smelly old robes. That done, dentist next. Not in, come back tomorrow. And in another 2 weeks to get the lab tests result back. After 2.5hours, I was finally done. I drove back home in fear, at 60km/h.
Phone calls from parents, who paid for my expensive mistake. Terse conversations punctuated by dismissive, irritated goodbyes, but understandably so. It was a few seconds mistake, few seconds of lapse judgement, but as a result I've been feeling bad about it the whole morning. Waiting there on the wobbly wooden bench all I could think of was how sorry I was. The long, hot and sweaty wait, I deserved it. The awful toilet bit, I so deserved it. I feel so small.
And I have enough I told you so's, if you please.


Sheena said...

Oh, sayang, it's not that bad. We all need an initiation, and trust me, it could have been so, so much worse.

If it makes you feel better, I rear-ended a guy on Jalan Gasing... whilst driving ANNE'S car. THAT was mortifying.

*goosie hugs*

D. Maie said...

Hi Super McGoosie!

Kebetulan, I was thinking of you today, because I do remember you telling me about that incident. At least the person yang I langgar not as dodgy as that you-can-bump-into-my-rear-anytime man from your incident. But I didnt know you were driving Anne's car, thought you were driving the Granny - haha, do you remember that thing? Hilarious. Thanks, sayang, hugs!

van said...

Since I've come back I havent driven anywhere alone yet, so I'm mortified about that - think of the guts and independence on yr part then.

thank God u're safe!

right I'll see u when u're nicely settled in Miri then. are u driving up every day? take care, see u soon!

Indu Rumah Panjai said...

You are right to praise the Lord anyway. Not about the car scratching thing (tho I too praise the Lord anyway for giving dad the means to pay for your misjudgement)but the experience you went through to get your medical check up done at a government health clinic, the clinic frequented by mainstream society. The long wait, smelly robes and dirty toilets are what mostly rumah panjai and kampung folks have to endure to seek treatment. Having experienced what they have to go through,I pray that you will bear their hardships in mind when you start working in similar environment soon. I pray that you will serve them with love, humility and fervour. Also note that for the privileged, they have choices but for the poor and downtrodden, its either begama with sakang(too poor to afford a trip to the clinic)or poliklinik or ubat chap kaki tiga and panadol. So indeed, praise the Lord anyway.


Yannee said...

things like this happen. it's like they have to happen from time to time. to bring us down so we feel joy when we're on cloud nine again. hope you're so over it! haha... hope that when you look back, you'll feel that it's so minor...things could really be worse.

take care!

Cokelatrawkz said...

Klinik Kesihatan?? Where about?

... heehehe. You went for Pharmacist post interview? Who interviewed you dear???

eheheh Why I am so kaypo?

Yes< because I'm working with Sarawak State Health Department.

DUH. hahahaha

Jeremy Nunis said...

Accidents are always fun..

i knocked a motorcyclist with J. Rob's car... No damage to the car n not my fault tho (heee..)