Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I called up Ministry of Health yesterday and like expected, I will be posted to Sarawak in 2 weeks. Thing is, I would have to report to MOH Sarawak which is in Kuching before I know which Sarawak hospital exactly. After which I would have to go back to Bintulu again, get my stuff and move to whichever city I'm posted at. It annoys me a bit, having to go all the way to Kuching, because Sarawak is hardly like any other states. Mich used to say it's the only state where you can drive for 12 hours and still be in the same state. I could not agree more.


Cokelatrawkz said...

Jesus, did you go to Jabatan Kesihatan to report duty???

did u??

did u???

I guess I did see some new Pharmacists came to report duty..and maybe u were one of those in the Room to Director's office.

huwaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... I missed you lah.... my office just next door..huwaaaaaaaaaa again.