Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Brother and I went out for lunch today because I was lazy to cook and he was lazy to wait for me to cook. We stopped by at the nearby store on the way home because we ran out of spaghetti. He never gets tired of eating it, so I thought I should make him some more before I go off. Ended up buying things like Meiji Panda biscuits (LOL, it all started with a certain Mr Dr J Rob) and Tenten corn rice crackers. My brother calls them brain food. *shrugs* I checked the manufacturing country, what's with the melamine scare and all that, and they all seemed okay.
In a spark of what I thought as ingenuity, I decided to grab the Baby Bites rusks as well, for myself. I figured it was a healthier alternative to the ridiculously high in salt & MSG Tenten. I went to the counter to pay. I forgot to check them, and turns out they're made in China. But I only found out when I got home. Boo. I enlisted the help of my good friend Google and found out that the baby rusks have been recalled in certain countries, so I am bit peeved now due to the fact that they are still on the shelves here. I demand a refund policy, and then, I'd demand a refund.
Come to think of it, was that why they offered a 1-ringgit discount on the rusks?
Bah. I've always loved Tenten anyway.


aciapai said...


lama ku enda meda d...

slalu ku mansa2 blog d to..hehehe
okies...'cau cin cau lok'ku


Odre said...

hey there...
cn i link ur blog?

Libau Beruruh said...

hye Maie,

dh besai mai nuan neh. maya ku meri Misa ba rumah kita suba, enda nemu samada nuan bisi ke enda...anyway congratulation on your graduation! regard to mum n daddy nuan. God bless

Fr. Kevin