Thursday, December 25, 2008

Feliz Navidad

Tis NOT the season to be bothered.
Tapi saya geram lah dengan awak!
It's an unprecedented Christmas eve. I spent the Christmas Eve eve, watching wrestling, until midnight. Then the eve itself is pretty uneventful, no family reunion dinner thingy like years previous, except for an impromptu supper session after mass at Uncle Martin's. Much quieter this year. My happy moment today is when I knelt down and kissed the little cousins on their sweaty post-running-around foreheads. Abraham is so cute at least he doesn't wipe his cheeks anymore when he thinks I'm not looking after I'm done planting kisses and such. Little brother is now playing PS2 with his altar server friend Mark who'll be spending Christmas with us. The two of them seem to be having fun. I fancy me some of that.
I can't believe the fact that it's 1.30am and my mom is still cooking. I'll be doing my turkey, salmon and pork tomorra. Mom has this impression that I'm an expert. We'll see how the family lunch will turn out.
Merry Christmas y'all!


Stella said...

Merry Christmas.. Am sure the turkey, salmon and pork was fab!

aciapai said...

olla...merry xmas and taun baru!!^_^

di said...

based on your turkey last year..of course u're an expert!! merry christmas dap!!

MicHieBuN said...


Jeremy Nunis said...

Happy Christmas & a sizzling New Year


Daphne Maie said...

Hullo all!

Thanks for dropping by, and I love every single one of msgs,I feel loved. :)

Hope you guys had a merry,merry Christmas. Happy new year!