Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Joie de vivre

I met the sweetest old man today. At 74, he's rather ancient (to me), but he's one of those who age well. When I called his number, he came up to me, noticed my cross pendant and asked me whether I was a Christian. I said "Yes, I am" and he exclaimed, "Praise the Lord!" Our ensuing conversation was very pleasant; sprinkled throughout with a lot of God, and it ended with a very soothing "The Lord be with you" from Nice Old Uncle.
I was in Cloud 9.
There was definitely something different about today, the way I found something to be happy about in every moment, and it started even before Nice Old Uncle. At 9am, when there was a brief lull in the number of patients coming in, I thank God for the quietness. At 1pm when my back was aching and the patient load was still heavy, I thank God for the fact that the stomach is still okay and not begging for lunch. At 5.40pm, I thank God, of course, for the simple fact that I was finally making my way home. Today, I also caught myself thinking, I love life. I've never thought that before. Today I was happy just to be, all problems just pushed to the peripheries, til there's just me and the present moment. Verily I say unto thee, a very novel thought.
It has been a very rainy (dawn) day (night) in Miri, but in my heart, I felt only sunshine. Days like these come far and few in between, in fact, today is a first in many months. For today, and for my life that you've given, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.


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