Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kerana masinnya mulut

Phone call at 10.45pm. I must have been asleep for half an hour. Grappled in the dark for the phone. Where's the phone. 085 number.
Operator went hello, on call pharmacist ke and immediately connected me to DrA, who rattled off things that I couldn't quite catch, groggy as I was at that time, and blur as I was, seeing that was my first call. All I heard was A&E, fits, phenytoin and a Can you come now? As if I can not come.
A&E is oddly meriah at night. Went inside to grab the blood sample from DrS, who went on to explain that the patient is a chronic alcoholic, despite being warned many times and at least 3 trips to the A&E for uncontrolled fits. DrS went on to ask if alcohol is inducer or inhibitor of phenytoin metabolism. In my head I was like, no, dont ask me now, because even standing was a conscious effort. But ya la, it's an inducer.
Getting into the TDM unit at night is like trying to find my way in a maze. First to the operator to get the keys to hemodialysis unit,
to get to the pharmacy pintu rintangan api,
to get to the IPD,
to get the keys to OPD,
to get the reagents to TDM.
Luckily Ms P and Ms S came along, one has been attached to TDM, one to IPD, so between the 3 of us, we worked quite fast. Thank God, if not it would have taken longer. Then with the results back to A&E, the phenytoin level much too low, which is why patient is still seizing. So please don't drink if you're on phenytoin. At least, lying on the bed, the patient was the picture of utmost contrition. Until of course, his next visit to A&E. Sigh. So degil.
And I was back at home a little over midnight. The end.

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van said...

u DO know, my two tdm calls came bertubi-tubi the day i moaned about waiting by the phone like a lovelorn lover.

anyway sounds like u did great. and now yr name goes in the log book! 1 hour is not bad for future generations to look upon...

Indu Rumah Panjai said...

Au, tu utai ke ditusi nuan demalam, pasal urang ke gila babi tang enda badu ngirup, nya alai ubat enda bisa ba iya kasak alkohol. Enda aku iran ninga nuan nyebut nya kitai Iban, sigi bisi ke bakanya, berani mati ketegal ngirup.

Take k maya on call malam. God bless.


Daphne Maie said...


Ha ha, yep. I very much remember your "why are they not calling me. i cannot function."

Hope that's the last of it (for this week). I dunno why I get so tired in satellite.


It's sawan babi! Not gila babi eh.