Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thank You For Not Calling

I've got new toys today. Ct and I rescued the expired MDIs (that's metered-dose inhalers, by the way) from the yellow bin, and after 620 puffs later, the canisters are finally out, so are now safe to use for demonstration purposes. I've got my own demo kit, wheee!
Satellite pharmacy is SO not relaxing, it's not funny, considering that it's supposedly less hectic. Well, to be fair, it is less hectic inside there, but that also means more time for FRPs quiz time. So it's ward trolleys in the morning which I swab with alcohol first of all, and then it's floor stock filling. Filling in as per yellow scripts. The occasional queries to doctors. It's always interesting when I call the other (dr) Daph in the hospital. Answering phone calls from the nurses in the wards.
The rest of the time, I study about all things parenteral, and it really eats at the brain.
Still a call virgin. Why are they not calling me? I havent done anything TDM since oh. ages ago, so the longer I don't get called, the more I forget about how to run the blood samples. The on-call book is rather interesting though, topping the list are the snake bites antivenom, followed by a long list of vaccines and several anti-haems; and in which department they are stored. They generally don't call you that late, unless it's paracetamol poisoning, in which case you really haaave to go, so folks please don't eat more than 8 tabs panadol a day, particularly not now, because I'm off to sleep soon.
5 more nights to go, before the log book and after-hour keys are passed on to the next on-call pharmacist. Like playing hot potato.

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Anonymous said...

u make it sounds like a game they call it passing parcel ....in that case it must be interesting,.....take it easy this too will pass...u bet

di said...

wah your tdm on call sounds interesting..haven't done tdm yet and there's no tdm on-call thingy in my hosp..eh how come u need to use expired mdi for demo?? don't you have the lactose placebo ones..?

Daphne Maie said...

hey di,

i SO read your msg at work, abt your tunku jaafar's new prp. i laughed man. updates are very much appreciated! so what do you get called for then? main part of our on calls are tdm oh, then maybe a bit of emergency dd or chemo supply. abt the mdi's, got the placebo la, but sharing basis, so since got expired ones, just use la. and also because i want to kumpul different2 colour. i'm in satellite now by the way, in 2 weeks baru go clinical. which dept you at?

xoxo, dappy