Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Someone told me yesterday that she is envying the glow on my face.
Why, thank you. It's the combination of the weekend mental recharge, so to speak, and the fact that I had a baby with sickle cell anemia who got transferred to ICU. Sometimes I wish I am not so christina-yang about the patients I have to clerk. But the fact is, when 80% of admissions are due to asthma exacerbations, tonsillitis or febrile fits; it's hard not to get excited when you see a baby being given thrombolytic, because then you start to question why. Until you figure out sickle cell anemia can cause stroke, so 3 y.o. with a suspected stroke is whoa.
But yes, you still can envy the glow on my face. My weekend was goood. (Plus I went to this new facial place which was amazing, especially on the shoulder massages.)


ms floe said...

hi..cant helped but leave a comment here..silent reader blog nuan selama tu..
ur posts..very inspiring..and most important is 'original'..:P..

van said...

u didnt mention the sat nite thing. sheesh. selective.

well i'm still on first name basis with drd!

InternetAddict said...

I bet you're using the best facial scrub around. :P

MicHieBuN said...

hehhehe wuu i din noe bout the anemia stroke tingy.. interesting..
i must visit u in miri on a weekend. bring me around! i need GOOSE THERAPY ;P