Sunday, June 14, 2009

Over the weekend, I was grimacing over love letters from 8 years ago that C managed to find. I only managed a few lines before I stopped. Mortified bah. The teenager that was me was unbelievably corny.
Thank God I grew up and became less corny. My sister can hopefully attest to this. :)

My surrounding is strangely quiet now. Granted, it's nice being able to dig for booger (n. dried nasal mucus) without a care in the world, but I rather sit prim and proper at a table by the pool having Sunday morning breakfast with you. I rather sit slightly warmer in the car, pushing the aircon vents all towards you, knowing you're feeling the dry Miri heat. Heck. I rather relive trying to find the car in the basement parking lot when we were seriously potentially late for mass. Even if I have to half-jog with every one long stride you take.
For what it's worth, I like how this doesn't get old. By now you'll think we'll get bored with each other. But we get better with time. Like wine.
Heart on my sleeve. And I said less corny, not entirely corny-free.


di said...


MicHieBuN said...

thank god u finally updated

Puteri said...

Wahhhhhhhhh ... feeling nyer! Hehe, corny or not, that's how you feel!

Daphne Maie said...

*Shy* Haha.

Stella said...

wee weet!! ;)
You go girl!