Thursday, November 12, 2009

For a mere £6, I'm a proud owner of this recipe book. Whee Amazon!

Olá! Como está? This blog has been so dead, but I'm hoping to update it more often in due time. I have been adjusting to a lot of things in the past few months. The 4th of this month was my 1 year anniversary in this hospital, so happy working anniversary, me. It looks like I'm going to spend my 2nd here too. The posting order is not here yet, so the portfolios have not been officially handed over to me. In the meantime, I'm still floating.

My housemates are gone, and in place, another two new tenants. Of the old PRP batch, only Van and I are retained here. In CPD we don't get asked questions, we get to ask questions. Instead of being briefed, we are briefing the new PRPs. It's odd.

On the VERY bright side, I'm going to London in FIVE weeks!


di said...

hi dap, nice to see ur blog being updated again! you amazon freak!! lol so u guys haven't got ur posting yet?? or memang u know u're staying in miri hosp? i got posted to KK Port dickson..40 mins away from home n it's by the sea..anyway y u jatuh until so cham? u're going to london??!for christmas???? nice sial..make sure u catch a musical this time! have fun! keep me updated k..

Dappy said...

Hi Di!

Selamat bekerja di tempat baru! I memang still stay in Hospital Miri, posted to DIS unit, and Psychiatry. Blur giler way. There's this new PRP who keeps on tersilap calling me Diana, so I senyum sendiri remembering the times in uni when people often get confused with our names. Nostalgia LOL! Yup, going to London for Christmas. I can't wait to go for Christmas markets again. And the supermarkets! Will upload photos.