Sunday, November 15, 2009

Freak accident

Imagine this.

You don't have a bathroom mat. So out you come from the bathroom and you walked towards the wardrobe. As you opened the wardrobe doors, suddenly! you're on the verge of slipping, the floor made slippery from the water sliding down from your feet. You hold on to the wardrobe door, trying not to fall. Then, to your horror, your wooden, at least 5' 8 wardrobe started to come down with you. The clothes rail gave way and out came all the clothes, the photo frame on top of the wardrobe fell and broke into many glass pieces, until you're lying there, half pinned by the wardrobe, in a sea of clothes and broken glass.

Your world, previously contained in the sanctuary of your bedroom, that world, as you knew it ended, as you pushed yourself out of the wardrobe. You crawled away and sat there, watching the mess in a daze. Then, slowly, the tears start falling.

If I didn't find it quite tragic, I would have laughed at the oddity of my mishap.